Review: Porcelain, The Face Spa

I’m not a facial person. That is, my face has only felt the regular cleanser/toner/moisturiser with the occasional mask and scrub. It is totally unfamiliar with exfoliation, steaming, face peel, extraction, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against facial. I just am not a fan.

So when Porcelain, The Face Spa offered a Restorative Facial, I figured I’ve nothing to lose. The last time I had a facial was so so eons ago, it’s a good thing to go for one now! And what’s best, it’s a Restorative Facial, specially designed for mothers! How cool is that??

Porcelain Face Spa

I googled a bit and realised Porcelain is not a small time spa. It has been featured in numerous lifestyle magazines, and won beauty awards. Right now, it’s in the running for a World Luxury Spa award! And true enough, when I stepped in the shop, spa, unit, I was in a different world.

It wasn’t a la-di-la new age moment. It was just very quiet and serene. Very very light music at the back, and very faint essential oil scent around the room. It was automatic. You just have to turn your phone to silent mode…you won’t want to be responsible for breaking the ambience.

First, I had a warm foot bath to calm myself. Look around and soak in music, the scent, and simply relax.

Now the facial. This is a new treatment—The Restorative Facial ($195/session).

The Restorative Facial is a six-step bespoke program that helps reduce overall skin sensitivity and water retention, while improving skin tone, hydration and elasticity. The treatment lasts about 60 minutes and combines the traditional style of Shiatsu Facial Massage with hi-tech Hyperbaric oxygen infusion of custom-blended tonics.

Like I mentioned, I don’t do facial often. The therapist was very gentle, and I expected harsh statements about my face condition, or hard-sell tactics on what I should use and products I should get. But nothing. She spoke only when spoken to, and before every step, she gave a brief intro to what will happen next.

The entire experience was very refreshing…and certainly restorative! (Did I mention that this facial is targeted for busy working mummies?) When I left, it was late afternoon. It was a cloudy day, nice and breezy. Well, I felt so restored and rejuvenated, I walked home! Yes, with my workbag on my shoulder, tee-shirt and jeans, and wearing Fit Flops, I walked 6.25 km (3.88 miles) home.

How’s that for a restorative facial?

Give Porcelain, The Face Spa a call to make your appointment for that much needed Restorative Facial today. Trust me, there’s no hard sell of packages or products. I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment!

Porcelain, The Face Spa

15 Cantonment Road
Singapore 089739

(65) 6227 9692


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