First Aid for Kids

I’m a qualified First Aider! Woohoo!!!

After an intense 3 full day course, I am supposed to be can now respond confidently whenever there is a medical emergency. Of course calling 995 is TOP priority, but I know what to do if someone goes into a fit or someone has a big bloody gash on his finger.

Red Cross First Aid

The course covered lots of common sense stuff like don’t apply toothpaste to burns, and don’t put anything into the mouth of someone having fits. What I really appreciated was I know what to do if if if if an accident happens at home. Off hand, I can already think of these possible scenarios:

  1. One of the kids accidently cut himself with a scissors
  2. One of them in their moment of showing off their gymnastics expertise, hits the eye on the sharp corner of the table
  3. When they come out of the bathroom, feet wet, slips, knocks the head and passes out
  4. In their body wrestling games, one arm gets twisted
  5. When the door closes, one finger gets caught somewhere

Gosh I can go on and on. Of course we can quickly drive to the nearby hospital/clinic, or grab a cab. But in meantime, this qualified first aider can slow down the bleeding, ensure the wound doesn’t get infected and remain c.a.l.m! Smile

So imagine my surprise when I came home with my *free* bandages and Nicole went, “Is that a triangular bandage? Let me show you how to use it!”


Nicole Triangular Bandage

I was so impressed! She learnt it in PAL – Programme for Active Learning in school! She was very confident and even told me, “you cannot cover the fingers so that it won’t turn blue.”

I’m so glad I learnt first aid! Not only for the practical reasons, but simply for pride too! How can a 7 year old know something so important and I don’t?

On a serious note, do you know First Aid? I think it’s vital for parents to know first aid. If our little actions of applying pressure to slow down bleeding, or doing the right manoeuvre to rid that stuck fishball, that 3 day course is just a small price to pay! What do you think?

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