Friendship is Magic. Always.

The girls had a wonderful start to this one week break. They had a Friendship is Magic moment with My Little Pony! Yes, those beautiful ponies with lovely manes that I used to comb with when I was a kid. See their happy happy faces!

My Little Pony

In the past, we had the various really pretty My Little Pony toys to play with. Check out these familiar toys!

My Little Pony Original

And I was really happy (ok, Nadine was) when we received a really nice mystery gift from Hasbro. Nadine was insistent that she would be the one holding on to it, and it’s hers!

My Little Pony 2

By the way, do you see that lovely turquoise hair band that she has on? It’s the closest thing we have to resemble My Little Pony’s mane (colour and texture) and she really thought hard how to match her clothes accordingly. So you can imagine her surprise when we were given the opportunity to add hair extensions and add ‘pony manes’ to her hair. It was sheer pleasure for her just sitting there and getting her hair done! (She wouldn’t look up for a photo, cos she wanted to sit really still for the aunty to finish doing her hair)

And that’s when I realised I’m behind times. Do you know there’s now Equestria Girls in the cast of My Little Pony? Big Word ya? These are girls with the most amazing gorgeous hair! According to Nadine, these girls go to school, have families and friends, just like any regular girl. And what blew my mind was how Nadine could identify each girl from their hair colour and dressing!


Hasbro was perfect in planning this roadshow. They had pretty Equestria Girls to walk around for us to pose with! See my starstruck girls! (and their hair extensions!)

Equestria Girls

Thank you Hasbro for inviting us and really making the day for the girls. We drove past later in the afternoon and saw an entire line of girls with their parents queuing to have a closer look at the ponies and girls. The things we do for our kids… sometimes it’s a sacrifice. But for this My Little Pony event, it was definitely an incentive!

My Little Pony and Equestria Girls products are available at all leading department stores.

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