Confessions of a Piano Learner

I learnt to play the piano when I was 3 year old. I remember that was good ol Yamaha school, then I also learnt the Sukuzi method, which greatly helped my aural skills. Mum was convinced that the only music instrument that one should have formal training in is Piano. (not organ, not violin, not anything else) Apparently someone told her that Piano gives a super solid foundation to music. And if you want to learn anything else after Piano, it would be so easy!

Well, I had formal piano lessons till I was 15 (hit Grade 8 and decided that’s enough), and picked up the guitar. Of course what my mum strongly believed in was really true. It was easy to pick up the guitar. I understood chord progression, could transpose keys and I just had to focus on getting the fingers to touch the right strings.

The guitar is now my most commonly played instrument now. I use it for devotion and in cell groups. I hardly touch the piano (I think I may have forgotten what a piano felt like!), but I do tinkle on the keyboards once every 3-4 months.

I’ve no regrets sitting through those ‘torturous’ piano lessons, and painful practices. I grew to appreciate music, and more importantly good music arrangements. I decided to write this post because I heard this WOW chord arrangement for an old old worship song. After hearing it, I wanted to try it out, and go jamming.

I won’t say more. If you know this song, “Welcome Into This Place”, enjoy the music.

Isn’t this guy tremendously talented? It’s such talent that makes me so in awe of beautifully written music, and makes me so thankful for that bit of music training I had.

Do you have any music training when you were a kid? Any regrets spending time on that?

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