How Do You Blow Your Nose

How do you BLOW YOUR NOSE?

Nathan is having a LOT of problems with this. I only realised this when he had a cold recently. His nose was dripping, and he had to carry a tissue box everywhere he went. The box emptied out in an hour! I was really shocked as the drip wasn’t THAT bad!

So I started observing him a bit more. I realised he would take one tissue, wipe it across his nose and toss it. And when the nose starts dripping again, he takes another tissue, wipe it across his nose and toss it!

My next step was of course to tell him “BLOW YOUR NOSE!!” I was this close to telling him, stop wasting the tissues!!

And I was shocked at his reply. “I don’t know how!!!”

This is what we tried:

  • Follow me! (And I’ll blow my nose, and he’ll stare at me in return)
  • Showed video of people blowing their noses (he’ll go “EWWW”)
  • Push out everything from your nose with a big sniff (he’ll hold the tissue and say I can’t)
  • Take a deep breath and let it go with your mouth closed (he could do a small sniffle)

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I’m stuck. How do you teach a child who is 7 yo how to blow his nose? Help!

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