I caught a sunrise–with my Samsung s3

I caught a beautiful sun rise recently. The amateur photographer in me decided to stand very still, prop my hands on the rail, silently count 10 seconds, and snap a shot on the 10th. What’s worse, I didn’t have a regular camera with me. None of those DSLR with zoom zoom lenses, none of those with one click and everyone hears you took 10 photos, not even a point & shoot, auto focus camera. I was using what’s readily available with me at all times—Samsung S3. (hahahaha, yes laugh all you want!)

As you would know (I found out only AFTER this exercise, and AFTER the sun rise), hands do get tired, and sometimes there are nicer positions to be, if you’ve not looked around hard enough. So I have close to 80 shots over the 15 min period, and it wasn’t all from the same angle (cos my hands moved, and I saw others in better positions!)

So here’s presenting the beautiful sun rise, taken by yours truly—the amateur.

beginning of sunrise

beginning of sun rise

Sun is coming out

sun rise beautiful

beautiful sunrise

sunrise ocean

And finally:

Pic 9a

And I stopped. The sun was a little too bright for my teeny Samsung.

Sun rises always are so special. Much is because I hardly wake up early enough or am able to stand still long enough to capture the entire moment. But more importantly, sun rises always remind me of God’s greatness and faithfulness. Always.

Have a good day ahead!

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