5 Reasons Why We Love BenQ Eye-Care Monitor

Since I had a slip disc on my neck a couple years ago, I have been very conscious about my posture when working with the laptop. This consciousness naturally extended to all my family and loved ones, since I really don’t want anyone to have a slip disc like me!

In my earlier posts about the importance of posture, I emphasised that our disc would slip when there is prolonged looking down (esp when looking at the laptop screen). One quick way is of course to buy a laptop stand, so you don’t have to look down as you work. But it is a temporal solution, cos the screen is still small (in fact getting smaller as technology improves!).

What my family does now is to get a good monitor! Not only do we ensure there’s good posture, we can also be sure there is little eye straining while we work! The kids now spend hours on screen typing out their reports, fine-tuning their presentations, attending E-lessons, watching videos—both educational and leisure! You can imagine our worry over their eye health!

The monitor we got was the latest BenQ GW2480T—the ultimate eye-care 24” monitor! Yup… it’s no ordinary monitor which just projects into a larger screen. The set-up was easy, the kids easily EASED into this new monitor very quickly!

Here are the 5 reasons why we love this monitor!

  1. Forced to have the Correct Seating Position

The BenQ GW2480T comes with a Height Adjustment Stand that can be customised for height, tilt, pivot and swivel. That means, it grows with the kids! No more hunching down, or sitting on higher cushions while doing school work!

My worry about bad posture is immediately eliminated here! Yeah!

  1. Proper Display Brightness for Study

This monitor has a built-in technology that can automatically adjust the monitor’s brightness according to the surrounding light! Thus, at day time, it would lower the brightness, while in the evening, it would adjust the brightness to deliver a comfortable viewing experience.

This is crucial cos kids will never adjust the monitor lights on their own accord! So this auto adjustment is perfect for them!

  1. Blue light for Better Sleep Quality

The monitor emits a Low Blue Light technology which filters out the regular harmful blue lights in all digital devices. This helps improve sleep quality and eye health. No more harmful radiation! Yet the picture quality on the monitor is not compromised! So good!

  1. Steady screen – totally flicker free!

A regular LCD monitor flickers at about 250 times per second. Screen flickering adds stress on our eyes. It can cause excessive blinking and frequent rubbing of eyes. However for the BenQ GW2480T it has a special Flicker-Free technology. No Flicker = No Eye Fatigue!

  1. Perfect Sound

The monitor is integrated with speakers to give the kids a full experience when they work with multi-media. Imagine no need for additional speakers or cracking speakers from the laptop. Everything is projected out from the large monitor for a very complete audio-visual show!

It has been close to a month since we started using this Eye-Care monitor. I am really assured we found a gem as we enter into this digital learning world! They can continue to be a part of e-learning and still maintain good postures and protect their eyes and maintain good eye health!

The BenQ GW2480T is retailing at S$269. To find out more, please click on the following links:

Product page: http://tiny.cc/BenQEyeCare

Discount page (no GST for August ’19): http://tiny.cc/BenQDiscount


Disclaimer: BenQ sponsored the monitor, but all opinions are 100% our own. There was no monetary compensation for this review. 


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