When Does Bedwetting Stop?

Bedwetting. When does it stop? ok, if genes played a part, I know I still had accidents when I was 7. (yes, I am making myself really vulnerable now! Cos I’m so desperate) Now that I have two kids still under that age, can I find out, when do accidents cease to exist?

As of now, we have tried the following methods:

  • Encouragement – We said you are off diapers now, big boy/girl. Remember to walk or run to the toilet when you want to pee.

  • Embarrassment – We said we will tell your class teacher, your class mates, our neighbours, the whole world. We will put a sign on the door.

  • Punishment – We shouted and screamed and said we would cane, we would put you in the naughty corner.

  • Practical – No drinking an hour before sleep, empty bladder before going to bed, put night lamps that lead to the bathroom

Right now, we are going with patience and grace. It is very challenging because we are in the rainy season now. There’s no where I can go to sun the mattress and dry the pee.

Before that special patience an grace run out, please please please anyone, is there a way to stop bedwetting?

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