What is the perfect gift?

As many of you know, Nathan just turned six. And as the month goes along, I realised we have a few more kids’ birthday parties to attend.

Wanting to buy the *perfect* gift, we asked one of the birthday kid’s mummy, “What would your girl like for her birthday?” We got some good ideas after chatting a while, BUT I realised this is one tough question to answer for a parent!!

Come on, do YOU know what your kid wants for his birthday? I’m not talking about generic answers like, “Anything Thomas” or “Rainbow Magic books” or “Hot Wheel cars”. I mean, do you really know what your child likes? Right down the to colour and model? Can your answer actually help a friend buy the perfect gift?

It ain’t about a big big budget to buy the gift. Rather, it’s about the big big description of what your child wants. And I realised to do that, you need to know what your child is missing in that avalanche of toys/clothes/bags/shoes that you’ve already bought. And it shouldn’t be what you want your child to get like that new book!

Well, I’m determined to be more involved with what my kids love and dislike now! It’s challenging cos they change their minds so fast! But I think having a baseline would make a big difference! For a start:

Nicole: Purple and anything Blingbling. This kind of works for clothes, shoes, bags, files, stationery etc

Nathan: LEGO!! The City series—he already has the Helicopter & Ambulance!

Nadine: Angelina Ballerina—DVD. This girl’s easy. She likes repeats too!

Gift 2

Do you know what your child likes? List it out! Give it to a dear friend or a kind uncle who wants to buy something for the kid. Or better yet, go to the stores and just surprise your child! It doesn’t have to be expensive. Even for kids, they do appreciate your thoughts!!


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