Six years parenting a boy

Happy Birthday Nathan!


Yes, that’s my boy. At six years old.

He can’t stand taking pictures, would never look at the camera in the eye if possible. He says stuff like, “I don’t know how to smile” when the photographer coaxes him.

He is heavy (I can’t carry him any more) and he is larger than the average pre-schooler (wears size 8 clothes!). 

He likes fishballs, noodles (with a little chilli), spaghetti carbonara, chocolate milk, bak kwa, fries, chicken rice and beef steak.

He is afraid of butterflies, spiders, cockroaches, snails, ants, dogs, cats, (actually any insect or animal!)

As he grows up, I’m not sure what would change from the list above. Lest I forget, this is a glimpse of Nathan. At six years old.

Happy Birthday Nathan!



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