Time Travel Back to Primary School

We are in May 2015 now. And someone asked if you were a time traveller, which time period would you like to go back to? Which date/month/year would you like to revisit, to reminisce or to reinvent?

I recall I did a similar post on When Is Your Prime of Life? which explored the golden ages in our lives. The conclusion then was every day is a golden day, the period you are in now, is the prime of your life.

So if I were a time traveller, it would be quite hard to figure out where I want to travel to! I’m happy and grateful for all my experiences, all my decisions made and all that has turned out. BUT if you really push me to give you a time period, I would say, If I were a time traveller, I want to go back to the years when I was in Primary School.

And why primary school? Cos my kids are all there now!! Every day, I’m looking at how they live their primary school lives and there isn’t a day when I don’t spew out pearls of wisdom on what to do, how to do it, how not to do it etc.. There are days when I beam with pride at what my kids did, and there are days when I just want to slap them into reality. So going back to primary school now would be perfect to re-live those days, and do it “the right way”.

If I could go back to be a primary school kid, I want to show my kids that the following is possible, that it is very simple to follow instructions, that you just have to trust mummy and DO IT! I will show you that:

  • I can be disciplined to learn ting xie phrases daily and not squeeze all 10 just one day before.
  • I can do my corrections so neatly even when writing it for the 15th
  • I can do my work for a full hour without stomachaches, headaches, hand pain, skin itchy etc.
  • I am not afraid to try other food stalls instead of that same noodle one for six years.
  • I can be bold to tell the teacher that I want to be a prefect and a monitor instead of quietly waiting for her to see that message on my face.
  • When it comes to friends, I can ask those who decided not to talk to me on Wednesday when we were best friends on Tuesday, “WHY AH?”
  • I can go through a whole week of school without stepping into the bookstore, even if all my friends are inside.
  • I am able to say hello to all my mummy’s and daddy’s friends loud enough for them to hear.
  • I no need reminders to change out of my school uniform immediately when I reach home.
  • I can go toilet without a book in my hand
  • My eyes can continue looking straight without rolling backwards when my mum talks to me.

The saying goes, “easier said than done”… and another saying also goes, “you can’t turn back time”… You can imagine it was really quite easy writing this post as I rehash all my nags. As an adult, it’s so easy to keep focus on the final goal and it’s effortless to speak up for something so minor no one else would mind! And to be confident and friendly in front of 8 yr old kids is not tough!

Yet I’m beginning to realise it isn’t so easy for the poor kid. After all, what they do now is possibly genetic! I remember how I was like in primary school. I was certainly not disciplined, not bold and not friendly!  So time travelling back would be fun! It would definitely be a step out of my comfort zone if I were to practice what I preach!

How would YOU like to time travel back to when you were in primary school? Would it change how you parent your child? Hahaha I really guess not ya?


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