Three Morning Wake-up Moments to Identify With

Every morning, our household reaches a valley of decisions. We all have our own logic and reasoning to our morning routines and I realised our kids have theirs too! It’s interesting, cos this is something I don’t remember discussing over, and definitely it wasn’t taught!

The decision made at that critical minute when the alarm clock rings is very revealing.

Introducing Nadine, the ultimate slow-mo queen. She’s the tough nut when it comes to waking up. She REFUSES to! If she has her own alarm clock, she would snooze and snooze and snooze. When she eventually wakes up, she will grab her towel, walk to my room (she uses our bathroom), but she would detour to my bed. And there she goes… until I give her another precious 2 min of extra snooze.

N3 Sleeping

Sleeping Beauty in the dark

She then stands in the shower. Yup. just stands there with running water. I’m not sure why, but I think this entire process is to wake herself up. After about a minute or so, she finally starts the shampoo and bath routine. Just when you think she’s up and about, she gets out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, and sits in the room and stares. Clearly, not fully awake yet.

By the time little missy is dressed and sits at the breakfast table, she has to grab her food and eat in the car, socks in hand to wear them in the car, comb in pocket to use in the car… And that’s Nadine. It’s a tremendous rush for her every morning. By the time she’s finally done with breakfast, hair combed and shoes worn, she’s ready to chat or switch my radio channel. hahaha..

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Next up is Nathan. He is the direct opposite of Nadine. When the alarm rings, he jumps out of bed, gets to the bathroom, shower and change and is at the breakfast table in super quick time. He gobbles down, then wears his shoes and socks. and then he plops down on the beanbag and is off to la-la land.

N2 sleeping

From experience, he’s already in this sleeping position way before Nadine is out of her shower. And when we leave the house, he’s zombifies out to the car, dozes in the car a bit more, and finally awakens only at the last junction before the school gate.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

And in between I’ve Nicole. She is possibly the most balanced among the three. She snoozes a bit, then showers and gets dressed. At the breakfast table, she grabs a book to read while she eats. When it’s time to go, she needs a teeny bit of “Hurry Up!” and she’s in the car, ready to chat and start the day with me.

You see, my mornings are filled with most interesting insights into the human psyche. Can you identify yourself with any of them?

wake up hammer

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