This is my 100th post!!


I’ve reached my 100th post!


The first post on 10 Aug 2012 seems far away. Then my focus was blog about Nadine and her therapy sessions and tell the countless stories about my parenting journey. Little did I know that I slowly added stories of my experience with faith and life, and tiny peeks into my personal life!

Interestingly, the following posts are the two most popular thus far in this blog!

And of course all posts from my Therapy 101 series were a big hit too!

Over the past 100 posts, I hosted a few linky parties too! (What was I thinking? A newbie hosting a party! And there were some flops but I thought it was all so fun!)

Looking back, it really would not have been possible if not for the cast featured in the blog!





I’ve made many many friends from the blog, I’ve received many many emails from other parents who have children going through therapy as well, or from parents who simply want to know more.

I also joined a closely knitted group: Singapore Mom Bloggers and met a really crazy group of mummies who share our love & frustrations with being a parent, with our kids, and with life!

It’s been an awesome experience, and I am having a blast blogging. (I thought my English improved a bit too with all this frequent writing!)

Thank you dear readers for visiting my blog, for encouraging me when the going gets tough, for sharing your stories, and simply for being around for Mum’s the Word.

I’ll keep blogging as regularly as I can… sharing my journey again and again…

 Please indulge me a little, tell me what you would like to hear from me!

  What would you like to read more about in this blog,

 and what would really interest you?

I promise I will try to blog about these topics! Thanks so much again!

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