How do you boil Water

Something died in our family this week. Our faithful Hot Water Pot that we bought when I was pregnant with Nicole.

I remember we bought this because we wanted to boil water real fast (this is much faster than using a kettle over the fire), and we could choose the temperature to set it at, and it could keep the water warm! We figured as first time parents, it is so so important to make milk FAST!

Tiger Water Flask

Well, something happened… I think water got in the cabling or something. The water didn’t boil, it just stopped working. So we have been boiling water using a little pot. (No kettle in the house! )

Why is this worthy of a post? Cos this Tiger Baby was a big part of our parenting journey. We used it daily, and  it was idiot-proof! Now that it’s gone, I’m stuck. What should we use now to boil water?

It sounds frivolous but many thoughts cross my mind:

  • Electrical Water Pot like this would mean we get the hot water fast, but it’s expensive! Absolute waste of energy.
  • Traditional kettle meant water will take a while longer to get hot, but much cheaper to boil water this way
    • Should I get a large giant kettle? Boil a whole lot of water and that means I still need to get a Hot Pot to keep the water warm
    • Should I get a small kettle? Boil just enough for use each time. We don’t really need that much hot water

What do you use at home to boil water?

(Mum will be proud of me… I’m actually asking a household question! hahaha!!!)

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