The Blame Game

Every child is born with an innate ability to play and excel in the Blame Game. And the skills are honed further when siblings come along. Each child is so convincing when they say “Not Me” or when they say “It’s Meimei/KorKor/CheChe”

Last Saturday, the kids played this game and there was a HUGE irony behind it. They were blaming each other for losing a library book entitled “THE BLAME GAME” (hahahaha… sorry, I had to keep myself from laughing out loud while keeping a stern face!)

The Blame Game Berenstain Bear

This is what happened:

Instructions: Pack all the library books into the bag. We are going to the library to return the books and borrow new ones. Yeah!!

N2: We can’t find the Berenstain Bear book on Blame Game. It’s missing. MeiMei was the last one who read the book.

N3: I don’t know where it is. It was Kor Kor.

N2: It was MeiMei. Not Me. I read it on Monday, she read it on Friday.

N1 remains in front of the TV, ignoring everyone.

After 5 min of searching, the entire scene repeats. By then, the two have searched the rooms and the living room, and N1 is still in front of the TV.

Me: Ok. If you can’t find it, we won’t go to the library. It’s not due till the following week anyway. We will all stay at home.

And immediately, N1 jumps up and shouts out, “MeiMei where is the book?” “Nathan why are you not searching hard enough?”

N2: See MeiMei? It’s all your fault

N3: Not me! It’s Kor Kor’s book.

Me: Ok. Enough. We will all stay home. We are not going to the library until all of you find the book.

And so the entire Saturday morning was spent searching for that one book.  And when we found it, I had to read The Blame Game to them again.


Does anyone in your family play The Blame Game?

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