Refreshing Showers-Body Wash with A difference

The weather these days is screaming out for everyone to have refreshing showers as often as you can. It’s so so hot and humid on some days, and on others, it’s huge thunderstorms cause you to reach home half wet (if you know what I mean!) For me, a shower means coming out of the bathroom feeling clean and smelling good. This smelling good bit is a huge psychological boost for me! And I feel even better when I use a body wash that fits my mood!

Lifebuoy has 7 variants to their Body Wash, and not only does that mean 7 scents, it also means 7 specialised healthy usages to choose from! In no particular order, here’s what on the shelves: Lifebuoy different body wash

TOTAL PROTECT – That’s the signature scent. The popular favourite for total protection against germs.

ACTIVFRESH – Another winner scent. A great Perk-Me-Up to refresh you

LEMON FRESH – This is a new scent specially for those with body odour! It has ingredients to protect our body against germs that cause body odour

VITA PROTECT – Another new scent with fruity freshness. This has added vitamins to nourish the skin and protect it against skin infection

MOISTURE PLUS – This has YOGHURT! And this moisturises the skin naturally.

MILD CARE – This is another favourite. Good for providing all round moisturising and germ protection

NATURE PURE – This has Betal Leaf oil, which gives a natural protection from germs

I like Lifebuoy also because each of these Body Wash have a special “Active 5” Germ Protection formula. The Body Wash give me a good clean and keeps my skin protected from germs. AND it still gives a nice creamy rich lather during the shower! (I still love bubbles now)

And for the bimbo reason, I love Lifebuoy because I get to match it with the different coloured towels we have in the house! Hahaha!

lifebuoy collage

So who says that there are no choices to what we can use during a daily shower? Just looking at the options available from Lifebuoy (and the lovely colour range) adds life to a seemingly mundane daily activity. You don’t need to spend $$$$ for a full range of parfums and eau de toilette. The Power of Scent can be experienced everyday at a fraction of the cost!

Do you like to try out new scents for your Body Wash?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lifebuoy, however all opinions are 100% my own.

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