I Am Climbing Mount Kinabalu!!

This is a serious post. I’m putting it into words, into a post. I’m embarking on a Fit Fab goal that will shock everyone who knows me. I’ve decided it’s finally time to pen it down, cos there’s really no turning back now.

It all started with 4 girls in Jan 2013. We got together to encourage each other to keep fit, eat healthy and confess our indulges. Then some time in June:

22:15, 12 Jun 2013 – C: next year I wanna climb mount kk.

So she shared that she wanted to climb Mount Kinabalu in the year she turns 40. She was excited about it and her enthusiasm was quite infectious. Another one of us, J, did the climb the previous year. But she didn’t make it to the top because it was too cold and she was too tired. It didn’t take much to persuade her to try the climb again. (2 minutes!)

22:17, 12 Jun 2013J: Really?! I go w u!

That leaves D and me–unofficially, the two least fit in this small group. Both of us have zero interest in doing sports. But we pride ourselves in our ability to walk and window shop for hours without feeling tired. That’s the only sporty thing in us when growing up. However, since we started this chat group, we have been working out, eating healthy and now we can say we don’t pant so easily.

So C and J started their sales pitch on Mount KK. They talked about how safe it is, that there’s a guide who will lead us, that you can engage a porter to carry our bags, that we have a whole year to prepare for the climb. And that’s how it begun. The four of us are going to climb Mount Kinabalu to fulfil the dream of this one girl who wants to do it when she turns 40. (and since I’m not 40 YET, I guess this is also a good dream to have too?)

We are TWO months away from this impeding  impossible awesome mountain climb. We have started training and preparations for the climb. I will keep all of you updated in this unbelievable journey that I am embarking on! Me, climbing up 4,095 metres. Certainly history in the making for my entire family!

Leaving you with the most amazing photos of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Mount Kinabalu full

MountKinabalu summit

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