Happiness is Being Grateful

I came across a friend’s blog the other day and it got me thinking… Summer, who blogs at A Happy Mum  asked a question, What Are You Happy For This Month? (And it was for the Month of Aug, which I’m a couple of days late!) Nonetheless, I realised it’s a question that requires me to reflect and think quite a bit. A bit of running through my calendar and phone to remind me what happened.

So this is what I’m happy for this month… and effectively, It’s also what I’m grateful and thankful to God for:

I am happy for wonderful family times during the National Day weekend. Regardless of all that is happening, related or otherwise, family times are always something to be happy for.

I am happy for the yummy food we had during those family times and also during some restaurant reviews we did. Enough said. Food always makes me happy.

I am happy for precious friendship moments when we took time to meet up and have lunch together. This is despite the different situation each of us were in, the less-than-1-hour lunches we shared, and each lunch was in takeaway boxes.

I am happy for technology that helped with keeping in touch with dear ones who are overseas. Yes, that’s you in London, and the very dear one Down Under.

I am happy for prayers that covered my family during the critical balloting days in Aug. We felt so much love and our faith arose during those days. Every little comment in Social Media and every whatsapp/sms message made a difference.

Overall, August was a very stretching month of us. This was in many areas in our personal lives and work–emotions, friendships, relationships, finances, health etc. But it was still a happy month. A wise man once told me, regardless when life is good or bad, Jesus is still on the throne. He didn’t fall off right? 🙂

This is one happy picture of Nadine. Was this me in August? Well, not every day. But definitely for at least the happy days in August!

Happy Nadine

Remembering this Sunday School chorus:

J.O.Y. that is down in my heart

Deep Deep down in my heart

I’ve got joy that is down in my heart

Deep Deep down in my heart

Jesus gave it to me

And no one can destroy, destroy, destroy



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