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Last month, our kids embarked on a very special 4 weeks French Language course at the French Studio. It was very timely as we were going on a holiday to Paris in early June. I thought it would be a great idea for the kids to know a bit of French, and try it out with the native French speakers during our trip! But I had my reservations too. After all, I had great difficulties learning Mandarin, I wasn’t sure if they could master any French in 4 weeks! So did this 4 weeks pay off?

French Studio Lesson Time

We had the privilege of having a very small class. One very fun teacher-Marjanne and just the three of them. Each lesson was an hour long, and it included some games, some sing-a-long (oooh I learnt that the French have a song for learning different things!) and of course lots of role playing! I sat in one of the classes and it was so interactive!

French Studio Games

French Studio Textbook

French Studio Counting Song

During the intensive 4 weeks classes, Nicole would diligently keep notes on little phrases she has learnt and practice them in the car. She would think of what common phrases she may need and ask Marjanne, who would then tell her how to say it in French. Nathan and Nadine would then follow suit with role playing at home and trying out all the phrases.
Marjanne did a wonderful job in creating interest and excitement in learning French for them. She placed a lot of emphasis on how to pronounce each letter of the French alphabet. At first, I didn’t really understand why. After all, this is just a short fun class, why is she spending so much time on the alphabet? Then I understood when we arrived in Paris.
One of the first French people we met in Paris was our tour guide Bea. And immediately, the kids went up to her, and did their Hellos and introduced themselves. I was impressed with their confidence, and I could tell that Bea was impressed too. She went on to tell every other person we met (e.g. the Museum attendant, the photographer, the bus driver, the waiter) that these kids speak French! And that was when I realised why the emphasis on the alphabet.
You see, the French language uses our alphabet too, but each letter is pronounced very differently! Some letters are totally silent while some have a strong sound to it. When the kids were so grounded in their alphabet pronunciation, it was very easy for them to learn new French words. This was when they were repeating after the tour guide, or when they attempted to read off the wall signages or menus. It was really very impressive!
Thus apart from the usual common phrases like “hello”, “My name is …”, “Thank you” “Where’s the toilet?”, our kids could ask for stuff with the right french tone! For example, they could order an eclair or a croissant very easily. They could also interpret what the store owners said for me! These were for telling me what time the store opens, or how much it costs for one bagful. Amazing ya?
I wish they had more time at the French Studio. They loved each lesson, and was looking forward to it each time. This was certainly something that would be useful in many many years to come. Afterall, French is the most spoken language in the world! (yes, after English!)
French Studio is a professional language school for children and adults. All their teachers are qualified to teach French as a foreign language and the curriculum is fun and interactive. For Children’s courses, the ratio is one teacher to 12 kids. Each term runs 10 weeks and each week for a 2 hours class. And it costs $280 per term.
You can find out more information French Studio here.
We thoroughly enjoyed our lessons at French Studio. The best part was how it really helped the kids be confident in speaking French, in conversing with an adult in French, and in laying very good and strong foundation for future learning.
 French Studio Language School

Address : 362 Joo Chiat Rd #02-01,
Singapore 427607
(Katong Area – East Coast Road)
Phone : +65 8361 5622 / +65 9499 9527
E-Mail :

Just a note, there’s now Spanish classes offered at Spanish Studio now! Click on the link to find out more!
Here are my very happy kids with Marjanne!
French Studio
*Disclaimer: French Studio sponsored the 4 weeks’ Intensive French Classes for the children. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own. 
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