Fit & Fab Friday: Women’s Ideal Body

It’s coming to the end of the first quarter of 2013. I’m been on my Fit & Fab quest for 3 months!!! I’m going on ok, feeling fitting, but unfortunately not exactly feeling more fab.

Let’s see, my stamina’s improved definitely. I have no more adverse reactions to the thought of exercising. My exercise shoes have been out of the shoe cabinet more often than in. But, those muscles are really quite a challenge to develop. Let me show you some random pictures of body parts I’m coveting: (KPI: Slim and toned. No need muscles showing)

fitfab ideal body

That’s all I wanted. And I’m no where close! Wahahaaha… At this point, I really wanna salute those with really fit looking body. I promise I won’t laugh at those you-must-have-worked-so-hard muscles anymore. The effort put in must be so so so so tremendous and you are so so so disciplined! I’m not giving up though. My super ideal (probably many years later!!) is: fitfab ideal sculpted muscles women

I know, all work leads to profit, no pain no gain, you sow, you reap. So I’m keeping at it. Three months down, we have nine more to go! Leaving you with my Fit Fab Bible Verse for the year:

Prov 3


Mum’s the word



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