Fit & Fab Friday: My conversations changed

In my endeavour to be Fit and Fab, I said some things that I never thought I would say. It shocked me when I uttered those words, and mind you, it shocked everyone who heard too!

The following phrases and sentences were used just this week! WAH!!!

    • I slept in today instead of getting up to exercise!
    • I miss running.
    • Feeling sleepy today cos I didn’t exercise when I woke up!
    • Should I walk up the stairs to office today, instead of taking the lift?
    • Come by and pick up my husband, I will see you guys there. I will jog there

Unbelievable ya? My fit fab buddies say that they too are changing their preferences and words. Like the Bible says, out of the abundance of your heart, the mouth speaks!

Wooooo here’s to a fitter and more fab me!! Leaving you with a funny toon I saw this week:

mum keep fit

Mum’s the word



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