Confessions of the most unlikely homemaker: Philips PerfectCare Pressurized Steam Generator Iron

I. Really. Hate. Ironing.

When I was growing up, I had to iron my own school uniform. We had a full pleated skirt for girls…it was impossible hair pulling tough ironing that skirt. Imagine every pleat! Urgh!! Then after I got married, out of my great love for my husband, I decided to iron his work shirts. Well, after he saw my ironing skills, he decided I can show my love in some other way. He had to re-iron the shirts!!

That’s my relationship with ironing. Non Existent.

There’s hope though… Philips came up with the ULTIMATE IRON—Philips PerfectCare Pressurized Steam Generator (PSG) Iron. When I first saw it, I thought, WOW, a MONSTER iron! Check it out! (I put the  rubber band to give you an easy comparison for size)

Philips PerfectCare Steam Iron Size

Clearly, the iron is not a traveling one, and definitely for heavy duty ironing. As the ignoramus in ironing, I read through the instructions slowly and found out really cool stuff about the iron!

  • There’s only one set temperature! It is an optimal temperature which allows both temperature AND steam to iron the clothes!
  • Clothes won’t burn
  • It can be used on any iron-able fabric!
  • Because of the perfect set temperature, ironing is super fast!
  • The iron is super light because the water tank is kept separate!
  • The water tank holds enough water for 2 hours of ironing
  • The iron switches off automatically when left unattended. SUPER important safety feature!
  • There’s a Energy Saver mode for the iron! (Saving electricity and $$$)

I had to try it of course! And the first thing I noticed (other that its sure weight and size), was the fact that it was really quiet! For something that looks like the tanker of all irons, it is as quiet as a regular steam iron. And that is because the iron uses a Cyclonic Steam Chamber to deliver the steam, and there is also a sound-absorbing platform within the iron that keep the pumps silent!

How was the experience? it was actually a breeze!! I took it upon myself to iron Nicole’s school skirt (which is that same pleated design I used to have) and here’s what I did. Literally.

  1. Remove the plastic water tank (easily I must say. No funny catch or hinge)
  2. Fill the water tank with water to the level marked MAX
  3. Put the water tank back in and switch on the iron
  4. Wait 2 mins till the indicator light stops blinking
  5. Pick up the iron and start ironing!
  6. Here and there at the pleats, I press the steamer boost.
  7. And ta-da that was it! The pleats were all straight & there was no more crumpled parts!

Ok. I am really not the right person to assess the iron. I mean it was really easy to use, but was it effective? I asked my domestic helper, Aunty Jing, for HER professional review. The words used are not edited as I felt it captured the essence of her experience!


BEFORE using the iron

Wah! So big, sure very very heavy. Mam, can don’t use?

WHILE trying the iron

Ohhhh the iron is not heavy! Only the water tank ah! So I can just leave it on the floor?  Ohhh and the steam is hot!

AFTER using the iron

Mam, it’s so fast! You see, just put here, move a bit, and put there, move a bit, and Sir’s shirt is ready! You don’t keep the iron first please. I will bring out the rest of the clothes to iron!

And then came the sweetener… there’s a Philips Easy8 Ironing Board. Yes! A monster board with Shoulder Wings for easy shirt ironing and a Wide Wide board for more ironing at one go. Here are the features!!




So before Aunty Jing embarked on the remaining lot in the laundry basket, I set-up the new ironing board… and here’s her response:

BEFORE setting up the Philips Easy8 Ironing Board

Mam, I think no need. Our old ironing board is still working.

WHILE trying out the Philips PerfectCare PSG Iron and Easy8 Ironing Board

No response. Busy Ironing.

AFTER using the iron and the ironing board

It is very fast! The board is so big, I can move the iron over the whole shirt. No need to keep moving the shirt. The iron match the board… the board is not hot and everything is so fast. So easy.

So how’s that? She told me later it took her half the time to iron a basic men’s shirt when using the Philips PerfectCare PSG Iron and the Easy8 Ironing Board!

I am thankful for this super iron. Aunty Jing is going home for a short holiday. There’s no better time for me to show my great love for my husband again! (He’s in for a surprise… I can iron now!!) And the great Ironer (that’s me) can soon train Nicole to iron with this super easy to use Iron!

Philips PerfectCare Pressurized Steam Generator Iron is now retailing at S$699 at all leading departmental and electrical stores. And the Philips Easy8 Ironing Board (worth S$299) comes free with every purchase!

It is truly time-saving, energy saving, and in my case, a chance to redeem my housework abilities!

Disclaimer: I received the Philips PerfectCare PSG Iron & Easy8 Ironing Board for purpose of the review. All opinions and comments are 100% my own.

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