Choosing a Baby Name


Following Sandra, I’ve decided to dig out this draft which has been effectively forgotten and post it! Here’s how I came up with my kids’ names!

It all started when we first decided to try for a baby. Since the baby was no where in sight, we had conversations about what we would call the baby… We had a same consensus that we will go for names that are already in existence. I’m not for inventing new names or adding variants to a name. No offence to those who have names like that, it’s just us and the boundaries we set for name-giving.

So, I always wanted NATHAN, if I had a boy. Here comes the bimbo reason. Remember Brother Beyond ? I wasn’t a big fan (can’t even remember three top hits from them) But look at Nathan (2nd from left)! So gorgeous ya?



Well, it was a girl. So Nathan’s out. But I knew, when I have a boy, he’ll be Nathan. So this girl, has to have a name that starts with N. Don’t ask me why, I’m quite obsessed with having a pattern and a proper system in such matters. And the name has to be two-syllable as well. The husband, by this time, had really no time for my idiosyncrasies. So I could happily flip through Baby Name books and track my memory for lovely people whose names start with N.

And I remembered Nicole! A dear friend in college and the name just sounds so nice. And it’s FRENCH. So la-di-la. The older folks wouldn’t have a problem with this (at that point I never thought there would be a “NEE-KO”) And the meaning, Victory of the People. Not bad ya? So there we have it, Nicole Tay.

Then #2 came, and it was a boy. No issue. It was the fastest name selection ever. Nathan Tay. And what a great meaning too, He gave. (you can see the bimbo went for the meaning only much later!) Then only after we named him, I get nurses at the clinic or some old folks calling him NAR-DEN. So it’s just a gentle reminder that I’ve to do to tell them, it’s NAY-TURN. Oh well, I still have to keep reminding.

Now #3. By now, I’ve reached the ultimate crescendo of my obsession. The name for #3 has to:

  • Start with “N”
  • Have 2 syllable
  • Have 6 letters
  • Second letter to start with “e”, “o” or “u”

Hahaha… See my obsession? And I was really in it alone. No one. absolutely no one was with me in this. The most they would agree with is a name that starts with N. But no, this name must fit the above criterion cos I don’t want my #3 to feel left out of the pattern. wahahahahah weird ya?

Anyway, there are not many N names left. So we went back to memory, and remember a friend we have NADINE. (Fits four criterion!) And the name means, Hope. And it’s French too! Perfect!! It’s pronounced NAY-DEEN. So lovely, ya? And #3 is called Nadine Tay. (and of course, this time, it was the English aunties who get it wrong. They call her NER-DEEN. The reminders are still on-going now)

There you have it. For simplicity, they are called Nicole, Nathan and MeiMei. For further simplicity, they are called N1, N2, N3. And that’s how we named our kids.




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