Can you Squat & Pee?

When my kids were weaned off diapers, a new problem emerged. I had to follow them to the toilet each time, and most times, it was a mad sprint to the nearest one (we’ll discuss that another time!)

Besides safety, one other reason for following bringing them to the toilet is ensuring cleanliness. I’m not referring to the child’s cleanliness…it is the toilet’s I’m concerned about! Blessed are you with boys only, and more blessed are you with boys who don’t poo in public!

Have you seen the filthy seats in some toilets? It helps me hone my bladder control! I just rather hold it all in and go home or another building! But kids can’t. My solution?


But guess what? ALL my kids do not know how to squat!!


Sorry correction. They know how to squat, but they do not know how to squat/pee or squat/poo! Look at the picture carefully (from left):

  • Nadine is trying hard to balance that’s why she’s a little blurred.
  • Nathan is enduring the pain in his calves that’s why the angst look.
  • Nicole…you can’t see her bum, it’s close to touching the floor!

And when I try to get the girls to pee squatting, everything gets wet: Shoes, skirt hem, panties, ankles … Mind you, I’ve not told you about me trying to keep them from falling into the bowl!

I spoke to a friend, we concluded that we could cos many of us grew up with squat toilets at home. This generation got it easy. And she told me it is NECESSARY to teach them how to use a squat toilet. When we go traveling, not every country has the usual toilet seat. When all the ‘seat’ cubicles are occupied. When you are out in the jungle (?!??)

I’ve decided. I’m going to train the girls when they bathe. “Darling, can you squat and try to pee into the gully trap?” As for Nathan, can I just leave it to daddy to teach the man thing—whatever it may be?

CIMG0881 final







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