A Day in the Life–My Mummy’s Day

This is a guest post by Nicole Tay, 7 year old. Research for the post was from personal experience and from one day that she spent in the office with me. Some parts of the post has been edited for privacy issues and grammar mistakes. The essence and integrity of the post have not been compromised. Comments in lilac are mine.

My Mummy's Day edited

My Mummy’s Day

My mummy wakes up at 6 a.m. in the morning. She brings me to school, then she goes back home to bring my brother and sister to school. This is the most fun part of the day. I get to spend time with Nicole, we chat about what school will be like, run thru spelling words if it’s Spelling Day, and she prays for the day ahead.

Nicole school morning

After she brings them to school, she goes to work.

My workdesk

My mummy eats lunch late in the afternoon. I think she is very hardworking. ok, I admit. She came to work on that one day that we were all super super busy. She tried her hand at helping the receptionist with sticking labels. After 3 pages of labels, she claimed “so tiring!” This is my lunchtime reading:


She goes home at 6.54 p.m.. She takes a train and bus home. After that, she will play with us, she reads with us and does homework with me.

I think she sleeps at 11.16 p.m. When I am sleeping, I think my mummy does her work, watches TV and reads a book. Don’t ask me how she came up with 11.16 p.m.! I usually go to bed at about midnight on a school night. And yes, I work a little bit, watch a little TV and read quite a bit. My current reading diet:


I think my mummy does really hard work. She works very hard for the family. I Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartmy mummy.

So that’s my typical day. When it’s school holidays, it’s different. I get to stay up a little later, and sleep in an hour longer. Essentially that’s how a week day is for me. How is your day like?




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