3M Hot, Cold and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser

How is water dispensed in your home? We used a traditional kettle to boil our water and put it in flasks after waiting for a long time before it is finally cooled. If we wanted hot water to make tea, we just have to boil more water again! Before that, we had a water purifier that was tapped to our water supply. It was ok, except the filters took up lots of space,  and whenever we needed hot water, the kettle come out again.

I remember thinking how nice it would be to have a hot/cold water dispenser at home! All in one machine, saves space and so convenient! Thus, can you imagine how excited I was when 3MTM came up with a sleek Table Top Dispenser. I’ve used it for the past month, and I thought it would be good to give a review of it! Here you go!


The dispenser is modern looking! It comes in either Black or White with fuss free buttons. Look at it! Very clean lines! I love it!! Ohh and it matches so well with my current kitchen equipment apparatus. Best of all,  the 3MTM hot, cold and room temperature filtered water dispenser is entirely BPA free, this feature is similar to the water bottles feature that you must look for before you purchase one!

3M Dispenser Black White


It is so easy to use! As the water supply is piped directly into the dispenser, you don’t have to wait for any water tank to fill up! As long as you have water supply, the dispenser works! As the water flows from the pipe, it goes through a special UV filter that removes bacteria and viruses. The filter sterilises the water and keeps it free from rust, bacteria and chlorine!

Thereafter, the water is stored in 3 different tanks: Instant Hot, Cold and Room Temperature. All at a touch of a button!

All this from this water dispenser! The best bit? No unsightly cables, No complicated knobs/buttons, No need to dismantle or attach any parts, It’s all easily manageable in this one machine.

3M Dispenser Touch Button


One thing for sure, you get quick access to clean healthy filtered water! And you can have that at a choice of three different temperatures! Imagine wanting to make a cup of coffee and pouring out a cold glass of water and getting some room temperature water all within seconds of each other! My family loves it!

The water dispenser is also able to fit in tall water bottles (up to 25 cm tall!) without you manoeuvring to fit the bottle to the sprout. So we could fill our flasks and jugs without tilting our appliances!

3M Dispenser Easy Peasy

The beauty of this dispenser is the cartridge which is due for a change at 4,000 litres or 6 months, whichever earlier. That keeps the dispenser very useful and effective for a long time! Moreover, the electricity is 40% less than some conventional hot water dispensers. You can get more information about this here: http://www.jestac.com.sg/our-solutions/filtration/home-water-filters/

A Very Special $500 discount for YOU!

So how much is this? For a limited time-only, you can purchase the 3MTM Water Dispenser with a $500 discount. (Original price is $1,888 nett) So go grab the dispenser now! At only $1,388, before the offer runs out!

You may purchase it via Exclusive Distributor – Jestac Pte Ltd (see details below), selected Popular Book Stores, Best Denki and most Selffix DIY Stores.

Get Free Replacement Cartridges!

Furthermore, if you click on this link and fill up the form, you can get a free replacement cartridge (worth $155 each)! All you need to do is click here and use this code: “JIAHUIHCD2”

Do call the sole distributor for more information:

Jestac Pte Ltd
No. 2 Kim Chuan Drive
#02-06 CSI Distribution Centre
Singapore 537080
HOTLINE: 6288 8290


We were given a complimentary unit of the 3MTM Water Dispenser for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


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