When is the Prime of life?

Prime of Life: The most active, thriving period of one’s life, the best years of one’s life, the period of greatest perfection of vigour in one’s life.

I am in the Prime of Life now. Yes, now. 2013.

Recently, at a 4 year old boy’s birthday party, I saw a really happy boy closing his eyes to make his birthday wish. As he blew out this candles, everyone shouted out Happy Birthday, and the look on his face, was like, YEAH!!! I’m finally Four!

That got me thinking. What would I consider the Prime of Life? And I realised, (for me at least, based on my personality, values and lifestyle), I have had MANY MANY primes in my life! (I won’t include my teen years, for obvious reasons!)

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Early 20s

I thought I was at my prime! I had 12 years of formal education and was in Uni. The future looked good! I had a driver’s license, parents to turn to for any financial support, and was overseas studying with a whole lot of freedom. After graduation, I got a job that paid well. I was in a serious relationship. I was serving actively in church. I was in my prime.

Mid 20s-30

Married life. Wooo… that’s life. We could do what we wanted, stayed up late with friends, had friends over at our place. We owned an apartment and a car. We were happy in our jobs, happy in our ministry. I was in my prime. (Better than before.)

Early 30s

Kids came. I have three gorgeous kids who are so easy to look after, who had favour with every caregiver. I had wonderful family support and a fantastic domestic helper. We didn’t have that much time to ourselves now, but we weren’t missing it. We were truly happy with this new parenting phase. I was in my prime. (The definition shifted a little)

Late 30s

Kids are entering primary school. When we go out, there’s no more diapers, no extra change of clothes to bring along. Anything that the kids have to bring along, I can actually shift the responsibility to them! We get such lovely conversations with the kids, and we really feel like a family. And guess what? The constant nagging to get school work done and complete studying for tests adds to The Complete Parent picture. This was a very vivid memory of my parents! And as before, I now think I am in my prime.

I can’t say anything more about the 40s and beyond. But looking at those around me who have reached those milestones, they too look like they are in their prime! More freed up lives, loads of traveling, much much more grey matter up there!

So when is one’s Prime of Life? I guess it’s really when you make it out to be. If you choose to focus on the what-ifs, the have-nots, the if-onlys, you will never reach your prime.


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