The Parental Influence- A Kid’s Ambitions

Some of the best conversations we have with the kids are in the car. Yup, and this is not necessarily long car trips. We just had an interesting one with the kids in a short trip to the shops. Out of the blue, Nathan decided to tell us what he wants to be when he grows up! He says “I’ve thought about it carefully already…” and as he went on, I realised much of his ambitions was due to my parenting style! The experiences he had, the exposure to life, the stories he heard etc. (BUT I really have NO IDEA how the last ambition came about!)

So here’s what was discussed!

I want to be a Magician… so that I can do amazing tricks and everyone will not know how it was done!


I want to be a Fireman…so that I can save the people from the fire.


I want to be a Blogger (this one’s new!)… so that I can go on trips and stay in hotels!


I want to be a Prime Minister (this one’s totally new!)…

so that I will have many many servants who can cook all the different food I want for my meals!!

(Sorry no pictures of Prime Ministers for obvious reasons)

I never had such ambitions when I was a kid! Read about mine here!

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