Support for City Harvest Church

Everyone knew when the trial for the six City Harvest Church leaders started, it would be a tough time for the church. Naturally, many members would want to support the church during this time.

In the church, we knew that too. And it certainly didn’t help that this first two tranches were for the Prosecution get to only, this meant only the Prosecution gets to present their case. They get to call in their own witnesses, they start the questioning, and get to end of with a thorough re-examination.


So what does it mean to SUPPORT the church?



1: to endure bravely or quietly, to bear

2: to promote the interests or cause of

3: to uphold or defend as valid or right

4 : to keep (something) going


So when we least understand, and can’t hear the defence for what’s been accused, AND we still choose to endure bravely and keep the church going, that’s support. If you need to more details to make that informed decision to support, sorry honey, that’s not support.

I will leave you with my favourite photo for this season. My Church, My Life.


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