Our Family Is On Channel News Asia – And What Mummy Thinks

Our family was just featured in Channel News Asia’s On The Red Dot programme! Woooohooooo!

Please excuse my extreme pride in my wonderful husband… It’s not every day one gets interview and video featured.

Here, he talks about how we parent our kids in light of the Internet and Social Media. He refers to the boundaries we set, the necessary good and evil of this new medium. It is all very good. You can read more here

Yet during the filming, I was thinking:

  • Nicole should have wore something a little longer
  • Oh dear, we didn’t comb Nadine’s hair neatly
  • Look at Nathan…he has a better looking tee!
  • Ahhh… I should have kept that display piece and put out the candles
  • The cushion covers aren’t really in sync!!

So you have it, the bimbo wife. But I’m really so so proud of this video. Do watch it and see if you thought what I did! hahaha!!

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