Movie Review: Dreamworks’ The Croods

The March school holidays just started, and the first thing we did was to catch a movie! (yup, that’s us. Avid movie goers for both Adults & Kids!) There was only one cartoon this time—The Croods, and I must admit I entered the theatre with little or no expectations, simply because there was little publicity and hype. I just didn’t know what it was about!

The Croods

Well, I exited the theatre with a bit of a teary eye, and laughing out loud with the kids the comic moments in the show. It was good! Our entire family loved it!

The plot (in super summary): The Croods are a family from long ago, literally cavemen. They have not met any other humans, do not know the existence of fire, have really really primitive hunting skills, and are your typical family—A father who is overbearing and hates his mother-in-law, A submissive supportive mother, A teenage daughter who constantly rebels, A spoilt son, A bratty toddler, and A cranky mother-in-law. The show follows the Croods through some self discovery and adventures.

Yes. That’s it. The family is so so typical, ordinary and imperfect that I was really wishing the daughter could be less manly and more feminine, the toddler should just be slapped, and the dad needs a knock on his head. Other that these frustrations, the entire show was a delight. And there were lots to talk about after the show as well.

There were many times when our kids squealed in delight over some silly antics, or when we adults chuckled at the arguments and conversations. Of course the fact that they were in the cavemen era, added fresh giggles throughout the show.

It is a pity there’s so little talk about the show. We enjoyed it tremendously and I’m quite sure you would too! (Ohhh! Although we watched the regular 2D version, the 3D effects should be quite good, as there were a few panoramic scenes and much of the cartoon was in bright vibrant colours!)

Go for the show. I won’t hesitate to recommend it. Even for the big screen.

Croods movie


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