Miss Paris Dandy House Review

This Fit & Fab mantra rings in my being all day. And along came a slimming treatment that promises to efficiently and effectively reduce the Cellulite, Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat in my body…Wouldn’t you try it? I did!

I was at the famous Japanese Miss Paris and Dandy House spa located at Ngee Ann City. This is a famed spa chain from Japan, and I was in the first outlet in Southeast Asia! (They just opened on 6 Jan 2014!) Miss Paris is a ladies’ spa chain, while Dandy House is a men’s spa chain. Together, they have a unique spa concept which offers classic Japanese hospitality and scientifically proven beauty and slimming expertise. The therapists are from Japan!

Japanese Hospitality

When I entered the spa, I was awed by the subtle sophistication of interior design and layout. Everything looked so perfect! They have couple rooms too! So so ideal for busy couples to spend time together and come out looking good!

Miss Paris Design

 Miss Paris Details

So what was this treatment I did? It’s their signature 90 minutes Signature Triple Burn Method, which consists of three steps that produced WOW results. Check it out!

I was first asked to strip & put on their disposable underwear (both top and bottom). Then I was weighed in the ultimate weighing machine that measured my body fat composition, water in the body, physical age of my body based on the above. It’s the famous Tanita machine!

Tanita Weighing Machine

The first step was a treatment to burn the cellulite. I didn’t take pictures cos I was still trying to get over my embarrassment of how much cellulite I had! Thereafter, it was a mineral wrap to get rid of the water and fat. Here’s me in what I call, the large human oven.

Burn Fats

And finally, I got to use this really pretty machine—Fat Burner. You can focus on the area you want that requires more burning! I chose the tummy and arms of course! Those stubborn easy to spot areas! This fat burner felt like I was going through an Aerobics class, minus  the panting and muscle aches. Amazing!

Fat Burner

Burning Fats

Before I show you the results, let me share the little things about this spa that won me over. The Japanese have a great eye for details to make their customers feel like kings. When the therapist wants to move on to the next step, she always explains first, then tells me which part of the body she’s going to start on, and then in the gentlest possible way, introduce my body to the next touch/sensation. When it was time to wash off the wrap and take a shower, the therapist very thoughtfully switched on the tap, to heat the bathroom, and get the hot water running. The towels she passed me was heated too! It was such excellent service!

So what were the results? I hopped back on the Tanita machine for specific measurements. Check out the pictures and do the math!

Weight Comparison

Arm Comparison

You probably can figure out my weight, but I’m not going to make it easy for you! Anyway, I lost 1.6% of Fat in 90 min! Look at the stats for my Right Arm!! Isn’t it amazing?

Opening Promotion

Of course, this is just a glimpse of what the treatment can do! This 90 min Signature Triple Burn Method treatment is valued at S$380. But as an opening special, you can have a trial (just like me) and experience this amazing slimming treat for S$88! From then, you can decide if you wanna sign up for the entire course, and watch your weight drop and fats burn!

If you aren’t game for slimming, you can try the 60 min Signature Face Massage (valued at S$270). This is a special hand massage that not only cleans the skin, it also instantly lifts the face contour. The husband tried this, and I know I will be back to try it too! This Face Massage is also available at S$88 as part of their opening special! Read about the Face Massage here.

Miss Paris Dandy House is located at 391 Orchard Road, #05-25, Ngee Ann City, Podium B. Call 6235 1159 to make your appointment now!

Go ahead. The $88 deal is a steal! Just to experience beauty in a wonderful five star facility with impeccable Japanese service. It is totally worth it. This Promotional Price is only for 1st time customers, and valid till 31 March 2014. Enjoy!

Miss Paris Dandy House sponsored my slimming treatment. All opinions are 100% my own. I really loved it!

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