inside a woman’s bag

Every woman has a bag. EVERY.

From the very young to the very old, the very rich to the very poor, the very girly to the very tomboy. What is it with bags? And I’m worst I think! I have bags within bags within bags.

Take a look:In my bag - bag

Here goes:

In my bag

  1. Large pouch
  2. Make-up pouch
  3. House keys in key pouch
  4. Small pouch
  5. Wallet
  6. Loose items: Ezilink Card + Office Access card
  7. Loose items: Earrings that got in the way I think 2 weeks ago
  8. Loose items: Car Keys
  9. Loose items: Blue Pen that I picked up and it was nice to use
  10. Loose Items: Coach Bag Care Instructions (Not that I follow them, but just in case!)

And here goes part 2:

In my bag

In each pouch:

1a. Card pouch for discount cards for kids shopping

1b. 3 months OCBC credit card bill – I’m not sure why I’m keeping them!

1c. Cheque book pouch

1d. Credit Card/other discount card holder


2a. DBS Token

2b. Samsung S3 extra battery

2c. Tissues (no pouch cos somehow that doesn’t work for me)

2d. Coin pouch (empty btw, cos I always forget I have one!)

2e. Supplement tablets I take daily (just started on this, so I’ve to go Daiso get a nice pill box)

2f. Card holder for commonly used credit cards

2g. Thumbdrive

2h. Office Pedestal keys

There you go. My bags within bags within bags. Thanks to Adeline who is hosting this linky, I didn’t know I’ve so many little pouches and bags!


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