Help Make Singapore a Safer City #AXASaferCity

I remember this photo from long ago, when Nathan held Nicole’s hand to sleep, cos she needed to be soothed, and was afraid of some night monsters. It was very heart warming to see him take on that protective stance to take care of his sister. I don’t remember teaching him that, so perhaps we are naturally born to protect.

Recently, I saw this ad from AXA, and I realised it’s true, we are all born to protect. Look at this ad! It’s based on a true story, showing a fire in a Japanese restaurant that wreaked the kitchen and injured the chef’s arm. It goes on to show how an AXA Claims Service Manager, Kenny, helps by getting to expediting the chef’s claims, getting a doctor and physiotherapist to treat his arm, a social worker to assist with his elderly mum and to ensure that the restaurant renovation works begun immediately.

Now you can show your own Born to Protect spirit! AXA just launched a “Safer City Contest” for everyone to submit their own protective idea how/who/where to make Singapore a safer city. There’s no right or wrong idea! It can be something simple like having anti-slip mats in handicapped toilets or voice-over in buses to announce the next stop.

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And the best bit? AXA will pick 3 ideas, and these Top 3 entries will have a chance to see their ideas come to life! The first 100 entries will win $30 Takashimaya shopping vouchers! So hurry, SMS to 76677 in this format:

AXA <space> NAME <space> NRIC <space> Your Idea

Winners will be announced on AXA Singapore Facebook on 16 Nov 2015 (Mon). #AXASingapore #BorntoProtect #AXASaferCity

For more information, please click here.

*Disclaimer: This is part of a paid conversation with AXA. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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