Hair Fall Rescue!

Many of you know the big FOUR is approaching for me this year. While I’m excited and primed for all my wishlist and bucket list, reality does hit. Physically, there are bodily changes that are simply out of my control. Let’s see, there’s wrinkles, white hair, hair fall, lower metabolic rate, body aches etc. Some things just gotta happen.

Then there are companies who spend hundreds and thousands on research to come up with wonder miracle products to counter these changes. I had the privilege to try out one such product…and it’s the one that I actually appreciate most! A solution to excessive hair fall! Woah!!

According to research, there are three reasons why one experiences hair fall:

  • Pregnancy (that’s me, three times in my life!)
  • Stress (that’s me, I’m a Singaporean in the 21st Century!)
  • Frequent Hair Treatments (that’s me… I’ve Permed, Straightened, Relaxed, Rebonded, Keratin-treated, Coloured, Highlighted!)

Sob sob… you can imagine how real hair fall is to me! What’s worse, I’ve natural curls. Now, my curls ain’t those lovely “boeing boeing” ones you see on dolls. Rather, it’s random waves, with their own moods. Generally, it’s quite a glorious mess. So I’ve no choice but to go for regular treatments to have straight hair. And my hair is so naturally curly that I’ve to do this once every 3 months!!

But what’s really adding to my increasing hair fall is stress. Having three kids in Primary School this year, much of my time spent with them are to ‘chase’ them to complete their school work. And schools now have tons of workshops and meetings for parents to ensure we are equipped to help our kids. And on top of this, I’ve to start the day early to settle the kids and end the day late to finish up work. This is really quite stressful!

So you can imagine my hair fall.  I’ve tried to hide it (changing hair parting, adding a hair clip, putting on a head band) but it got really tiring. I tried natural remedies, special shampoos and even became extraordinarily gentle with my hair, but to no avail. When I see those with thick luscious hair, inevitably, I would gently run my fingers through my thin crown. It’s easy to get self conscious about this! And I really don’t like that feeling!

Woes of Hair Fall


Research has shown that an average woman loses 100-150 hairs per day. My hair fall is above and beyond this 150 strands! Here’s the interesting bit! 78% of the natural hair fall occurs from the root. Thus, if one can “secure” your hair root to your scalp, you would be able to keep your hair from falling! That makes sense ya?

Dove Hair Fall Rescue range has this ‘hair glue’ technology! The products contain Trichazole Actives, which is scientifically proven to prevent natural enzymes from breaking down “follicle glue” which binds the hair to the scalp! To put it simply, Dove Hair Fall Rescue range helps maintain the natural glue for your hair to stay on your head! Yeah!!

Dove Hair Therapy

You can imagine how excited I was to try this out. And it’s stated on the box:

Dove Intensive Hair Tonic

That’s the star product! The Intensive Hair Tonic that will visibly reduce hair fall in 2 weeks!! I’ve started using this just last week! I honestly can’t wait to see the results! And it’s easy!

Dove 4 Easy Steps Hair Tonic

Four Simple steps:

Step 1 Break Tip1. Break the flat nip gently

Step 2 partings2. Make a series of partings and apply directly and evenly to the scalp

Step 3 Fingers3. Use fingers to massage for 2-3 mins to let lotion penetrate to the root of the hair

And finally,

4. Leave it on till next wash

I’ve been applying it after my nightly shower, and leaving the tonic in my scalp to work its magic for at least 6 hours each time.

Do you have this same problem like me? Need that glue to help keep your hair on your head? Dove is giving out samples specially for Mum’s the Word readers! Click here to redeem your sample!

Come back and check in two weeks to see if Dove effectively rescued my hair!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All Opinions are 100% my own. 

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