Ergostars Study Desk and Chair Set – Incredible Price

We have converted. Yes. My entire family. We are all advocates for Ergonomic tables and chairs now, and there is a difference apart from the costings of a regular piece of furniture. In fact, my husband is now researching extensively different models of ergonomic chairs for himself!

Remember my previous post about how hesitant I was in getting an ergo item? I felt it was just a play on human’s emotions to get something to protect your back or neck. I thought it’s a huge conspiracy and gimmick to instill fear in every parent that without an ergonomic table/chair for your child, crooked backs and stunted growth would happen.

Well, for sure these crooked backs and stunted growth is not something attributed solely to bad furniture when studying! That is a given! But these ergonomic tables and chairs do bring comfort and add that little bit of joy to studying!

Here’s the set we ordered:


The table has a lever which is easy to use. I mean it’s so easy to use, my 8 yr old can do it.  Look at Meimei adjusting the table after her sister used it.  The table can be adjusted from 58cm to 80cm, dependent on each individual’s height.



We had no issues with her doing the adjusting herself as the system is easy to use, and there are no sharp edges or strange hooks to avoid. I used to think that an ergonomic table meant a most complex table with high-tech knobs and buttons… and the more gadgets there are on the table, the more ergo it is! But nope, not for our table! Check it out:


That’s all there is to the Ergostar table. No strange knobs or funny buttons!

When the kids are doing their work, they can tilt the table so that there is little or no strain to their backs. The beauty of the tilting mechanism is the smooth movement as you tilt the table. You can adjust it at a tilt of 0 to 25 degrees, just press the lever and tilt to your comfort level!


Yes, when they are reading and doing their project work on the laptop, there’s a nice stand that would tilt naturally to their eye level.


One huge plus about the table is its size. At 119cm (W) x 73cm (D), it fits nicely into many spaces and it’s perfect for the kids when they do work.

Now, while the table is so easy to use, and definitely ergonomic without being complicated, the chair that came in this set is very very very comfortable. I think I mentioned how my husband is now checking out Ergo chairs for himself!

Look at the chair!


The Duorest Junior chair is the perfect chair that is able to help a child concentrate on studying. It fits in the child’s body and it is extremely comfortable.

The backrest can be adjusted to the child’s back, and the seat depth can be adjusted as well.



Thereafter, you can adjust the seat height and footrest!

Through it all, the child is in comfort and safe! You see, there is a dual-mode gas cylinder with a locking system for non-rotating position. So you never worry that the chair will roll off unnecessarily! And check out how stable this chair is! The number of wheels is enough to ensure it does not swirl unnecessarily and remains amazingly stable!


We are so happy with this desk set! We can sit comfortably with the kids while they study. And it’s comforting to know that the kids are having healthy sitting, and good reading and writing posture! I’m seriously so excited, I’ve been working on the desk when the kids are asleep every night too!

Do check out this Ergostars Desk & Chair set (ES-8502), which is exclusively available at Ergoworks. It’s usually priced at S$2,198, but for a limited period, you can purchase this set at S$799! In fact, I heard the earliest stocks would come in end October. Quick go check out this value-for-money set as soon as you can! More information can be found at Ergoworks website.



*Disclaimer: We were given the Ergostars Desk & Chair set for review purposes. No monetary compensation was given, and as usual, all opinions are 100% my own. 


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