Furniture that fits your style

Did you know that Courts is a furniture company from United Kingdom which started in 1850? When I read that, I was blown away by the history behind this familiar brand. Although Courts Singapore is now selling Electrical and IT products, its roots are still in furniture.

My first memory of Courts is the bunk bed or what we call Double-decker bed I slept in when I was a kid. The bed was from Courts and it was really one solid piece of furniture. We used it till we moved to a smaller place, and needed to clear the space.

So what’s Courts Furniture like now? If you heard the latest, in Oct this year, Courts re-launched their furniture line. What’s new stemmed from how the people at Courts researched into their customers’ lives, their needs and preferences. From there, the new furniture line presented three distinct styles–Funk, Urban and Classic. While maintaining the affordable prices, Courts now offer stylish designs for the home, and based on your individual taste, there’s definitely something for you!

FUNK – screams out individuality and uniqueness. Is this you?

Funky Courts Furniture

URBAN – is modern, minimalist, clean and contemporary. Is this you?

Urban Courts Furniture

CLASSIC – adds nostalgia to your home. Is this you?

Classic Courts Furniture

I’ve been to Courts a few times to shop and looked at this new line. I got myself this new floor lamp. I think it really screams out funk! And it fits in our home very nicely, doesn’t it?

Courts Floor Lamp

I can’t wait to get more furniture pieces from Courts now that I know my style! Wooohooo!!


Disclaimer: The Floor Lamp was compensated by Courts Furniture. All opinions are mine alone. 

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