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Are you going overseas for the upcoming June Holidays? If you are, have you heard of Changi Recommends? This is where you can get fantastic deals when you travel out of Singapore! You get really good offers on services and products that you would truly appreciate when traveling. Here are some examples!

For popular Asian countries, you can purchase their local Pre-paid SIM cards before you board the plane! Imagine the convenience of being contactable the moment you land! There’s no down time, no extra charges, and no big rush to hunt for the right SIM card to suit your purposes!!

SIM Cards Changi Recommends

And for the *hottest* product at Changi Recommends, it is the Overseas Wi-fi Router for rental! What is this and how does this work? This is a small pocket-size router that you can bring with you for Internet Access! This means, no more reliance on public hotspot (like Starbucks or Mac’s) or stuck in the hotel for free Wi-Fi. With the router, YOU are the free secured Wi-Fi! It can connect up to 8 devices at any one time, so your travel companions can enjoy the service too!

Wifi Router America

WiFi Router


Wifi Router Europe

This is how you can order your Wi-Fi router:

For Online Reservation
For Walk-In Customer

How much is the rent?

Dependent on the country you are visiting, the rental cost is as little as S$12 per day for unlimited Wi-Fi. This is very affordable compared to the foreign data plans or worse, inflated phone bills you risk paying without a data plan! And there’s no rental charged on the first day!

Is there a router for the country I’m visiting?

Changi Recommends currently has routers that can support 16 countries. These are the top 16 travel destination of Singaporeans.You can find out if the country you are going is one of the 16 here.

Where & When can I pick up the router?
You can collect or return it at any of the Changi Recommends booths (opens 24 hours) all three terminals at Singapore Changi Airport.
Help! I’ve a Last Minute Request

You can make last minute reservations either by calling the call centre at 6922 9508 or WhatsApp to 9427 6977. (they just knew there are people like us!)

So what are you waiting for? Quickly reserve your router for your trip now! You need your Passport details to reserve, and the actual passport during collection.

I’ve made my booking for the router for our upcoming trip in June! I seriously am looking forward to staying connected so easily with the router!

A Special Deal for You! 

If you are going to Japan this June holidays, there’s a special rate for YOU! Instead of paying S$12 per day, you pay S$8 a day! All you have to do is enter the code MUMSEWORD8 when you make your reservations here.

This promotion is throughout June and you have to travel by 30 June 2015.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Changi Recommends. All opinions are 100% my own.
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