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Greenfields Milk makes Yummy Bread Pudding

I’ve been asked this question many times. What milk do your kids drink now? Since each child turned one, I’ve started them on Cow’s Milk. That’s right, no more expensive formula milk. (The books did say it’s ok too!) To keep within the budget, they have been drinking powdered cow’s milk. But recently, we changed….

Baking with a Philips Jamie Oliver Blender

Recently, we the kids had a day off from school and we decided to make it a baking day. The kids wanted something Chocolate, something for breakfast. I wanted something easy to make, and something that I can throw into the blender. So we decided on a Chocolate Custard Pie. And we did it! It…

Homemade Pasta Sauce made Easy with Philips Jamie Oliver Blender

We attended a Health Talk by a Nutritionist two months ago. Since then, we have been painfully aware of the dangers, unhealthy facts of processed foods. Everyone knows that if you grow your own veg, farm your own animals and made your own food from scratch, you get the whole goodness of all the produce….