Bosch Dream Kitchen Cook-off

Recently, we had the opportunity to check out Bosch Dream Kitchen. You know, I am quite happy with my kitchen. I mean I wish it were bigger of course. I wish for more fancy equipment too. BUT when I we saw the Bosch Dream Kitchen, I realised I would like to change some basic stuff in my kitchen and rework the layout. Suddenly, my kitchen ain’t that great anymore!

First off, I didn’t know Bosch has 50 years of creating kitchen equipment! They created the world’s first built-in cooker, oven with microwave and oven features. They introduced fuss free induction cooktops (btw, this was a hot favourite among chefs for the Top 3 dream kitchen must-haves, sensors for telescopic hoods, and double duty steam and convection ovens.

To introduce the Dream Kitchen, Bosch is now having a very exciting Bosch Dream Kitchen Cook Off. Premiering online on 16 November 2012, the event invites amateur cooking teams to a battle of culinary showmanship for a chance to win a Bosch Dream Kitchen. You can check out what’s happening here. Each webisode shows the teams ala Masterchef! And you get to vote too! You can win this cool Bosch Classic Fridge.


At the media conference, we met the contestants, judges and chefs. We had Chef Tim Ross-Watson, Executive Chef of Garden of Eden, preparing yummy puffs. Nicole was excited to see chefs up close!

Bosch chef tim ross


Don’t forget to vote! The food spread we had that day were done in the clever dream kitchen. See what Nicole felt about the entire event!





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