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** This post contains explicit description that may upset some readers and their appetites.                                               Many of you would know that I did a 40 day fast last year, and a 21 day fast this year. I did it with a few of my church friends, and we basically drank only juices and clear no-meat soups for the duration of the fast. You can read more about how I survive the 40 day fast here. The biggest help was of course spiritual, since it was a fast. Having done that, I thought a 5 day Juice DIET should be easy peasy!

You see, Antidote invited me to try out their Fresh Start Programme–a 5 day diet to jumpstart your body, detoxify your cells and get rid of harmful toxins that have built up in our bodies over time. Sounds easy ya? And because I was familiar with juicing, and am quite a Veggie fan, I went straight for the advanced stage–Level 3! It’s for those who have cleansed before and love the taste of greens. This cleanse replaces your entire day’s meals with 5 juices and 1 nutmilk.

Antidote One Day Meal

This is what Fresh Start Level 3 entails:

  • One 500ml bottle of Cold-Pressed juice for Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Tea, and Dinner
  • One 500ml bottle of Cold-Pressed nutmilk for Supper

Above this, you still have to drink your regular 8 glasses of water. Antidote advised me to go for warm water with lemon. AND, have regular cups of warm herbal non-caffeinated tea.

And yes, you don’t eat anything for that 5 days. No sweets, no mint, no organic meat, no carbs, Just drink those 6 bottles, water and tea!

Well, it was SUPER filling! Let me explain, each bottle of juice is filled with 1kg worth of fruits/vegetables. After drinking a bottle, I would go pee possibly 2-3 times within the next hour. Before I start feeling hungry, it’s time for the next bottle! And the cycle begins again! And after a while, the bladder gets used to all that liquid coming in, and you don’t pee as much. That’s when you feel very full and don’t get hunger pangs! In fact, I feel hungry only because I miss the taste of certain foods, or simply miss chewing something! hahaha!

Btw, the juices are all specially created by Antidote’s in-house nutritionist. They contain the regular familiar fruits like Apples, Lemon; and vegetables like Japanese Cucumber, Beetroot, Celery.  And of course, the unique ones are Kale, Charcoal, Rosemary, Parsley!

Image Credit: Antidote

Image Credit: Antidote

When I started this diet, my mum was first to ask, you must drink all the juice as soon as it is juiced. Why are you keeping it for 3 days? She’s not wrong. When you use a traditional juicer, the juices are best drunk immediately. There are no preservatives and the process has lessen the nutrients significantly. The blades used for juicing generate heat, and in turn, the fruits and veg juiced, loses nutrients from the heat. Above this, research as shown that juicers causes oxidation, which means a loss in nutrients.

However, the juices I get from Antidote, are cold-pressed juices. They use a machine that grinds the fruits and vegetables (organic, mind you!). This action imitates our human’s chewing action, and it breaks down their cell walls which releases nutrients. Following that, a high pressure hydraulic press would cold press what’s grinded into juice. (nothing is wasted. All the pulp, the fibre, the stems are in the juice) Following that, the juices are sealed in bottles to ensure the highest level of vitamins, minerals and enzymes are stored in.


This explains why my 5 day diet was broken into two deliveries: 3-day + 2-day supply of juices. Each bottle can be kept up to a maximum of 3 days to ensure freshness.

So how did the diet go? Did it really cleanse? Are all the harmful toxins gone?

Let me describe the tangibles.

I survived the diet! No fainting spells of any sort, I still went about my regular routine, walking briskly to the MRT, climbing up escalators, had scheduled meetings like an ordinary work day.

I felt cold every time I finished a bottle. The juices are very chilled, and after drinking, my feet became icy cold, fingers as well (possibly cos the bottle is very cold!) I had to wear a jacket, or put on something warm throughout my 5 days. I must say this is very normal. During my 40 day fast, when I drank hot clear soups, I felt cold, even when walking on the streets on a sunny day. I think it’s possibly cos there’s no food intake.

I went to the toilet numerous numerous times. This was not just to pee, but to poo as well! You must be surprised and are thinking, what’s there to poo, when there’s no food and only liquid? Well, that’s the detox bit! The juices are specially formulated such that it cleans out your gut. So I pooed (without any tummyaches) very watery poo, that was very stinky, very black and just simply very gross. Towards the end, my perspiration stank, and it was very necessary to give a good scrub at every bath. I believe this was because the body is going through a cleansing process, thus the ‘dirt’ has to go somewhere ya?

I had some weight loss, although I think it’s due to the water loss. It was a total of 2kg in 5 days. It’s too soon to conclude if the weight loss would be permanent, but for now, I’m not complaining!

Now, the intangibles.

My mind was alert and I didn’t feel tired or fatigue. Mind you, it was a regular work week, with meetings to go for, errands to run etc. Kids still had their usual homework, and I was keeping to the usual hours (in fact with a little lesser sleep cos I had to wake up to pee!) However, I was not feeling drowsy at all, and remain up and about during the day!

I thought my complexion improved a bit. I didn’t take any before and after photos, so I have nothing to show. But my face does seem clearer to me!

More people came to talk to me, since they see me loading up the office fridge with juices, or holding on to a bottle during tea or lunch! Everyone was curious how it worked and how it seems totally impossible to do!


6 days have passed since the last day of the diet. I’m proud to say that my digestive system is working very well. I poo easily and regularly (at least 3 times a day!). I feel good and am still not easily tired. Sadly, the weight I lost came back… I think it was just water that was lost then!

Anyhow, it’s amazing ya? I would love to do this cleanse again possibly in the second half of the year! If you are interested, this is how you go about your juice cleanse.

Choose your cleanse.

Fresh Start – Level 1

For those who are new to juicing & seldom eat vegetables. You may be feeling fatigue often & want to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle & increase your energy levels!

Fresh Start – Level 2

For those who eat a fair amount of vegetables but still want to achieve optimum health!

Fresh Start – Level 3

For those who are obsessed with vegetables! You may have cleansed many times before, love the taste of greens & want the maximum effects of a juice cleanse.

Book your cleanse.

Choose your date // Always choose the date before the day you want to start your cleanse. We need at least 1 day notice in advanced.

If you choose self-collection // Self-Collection Timing is between 6-7pm & Location is at our main production kitchen at 46 Siglap Drive, Singapore 456171.

If you opt for delivery // Delivery fee is SGD20. Your juices will arrive at your doorstep between 6-10pm.

Decide if you need a cooler bag // A cooler bag costs SGD5. Opt for a cooler bag if you will be traveling around the whole day. For those of you who will be at home, at your office or indoors all day, you may not need a cooler bag.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

That’s all! And Antidote has kindly given us some vouchers for THREE readers to try out their juices! Just follow the steps below and you may walk away with a $50 Antidote voucher!

Here’s what you have to do:

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The Giveaway will end on 10 May 2016 at 2359 hrs. All the best!



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*Disclaimer: Antidote sponsored my 5 Day Juice Cleanse diet for review purposes and all opinions are 100% my own.

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