What happens after school: Our favourite things to do

The kids have been going to school since they were 3 year olds. (We don’t have much choice since both of us work full time) Since they started school, it was easy to pick them up from school after work, come home for dinner, hang out at home, then go to bed.

But along the way, we do take a break from the mundane and do family activities. And since my goal to go Fit & Fab, I try to have Fit Fab Fun activities for them too. Here’s some of our favourites! (another F!)

In no particular order, swimming is a hot favourite! The kids love dipping in the pool, playing silly water games and sometimes just getting WET!!Swimming

And we have the work-it-out moments: Gym Classes. The kids love to sweat it out in this gymnasium that we go to twice a week for classes. It’s a time for them to build their muscles, improve their motor skills and simply have fun! Their sweaty bodies are always made clean with a good hot shower with antibacterial body wash.Gym

And the perennial favourite: Cycling by the beach! We would like this to happen more often, but to pack and go all the way to the beach is a little of a hassle. I do wish we live near the beach! Cycling

And the ultimate favourite and necessity: Grocery Shopping. The kids love running down the aisle, checking out their favourite foods and they learnt to wait for sale items too! We have loads of fun grocery shopping as we explore new foods, shiver through the freezer sections, and do mental sums when we add up prices! (yes, we do that sometimes to add that educational bit into the trip)


Now you know where you can find my family for after school activities that we do together. So, what do you do as a family after school that’s fun and healthy?

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