The fear of Travelling With Kids

We are away for a holiday overseas. And the first thought to that is, Wooohoooo all play, no work, new culture, shopping and great food! Yes to all that, and more….this means 24/7 with the three kids. Literally. I have a fear. It comes when I travel with the kids.

The kids are young and there’s still quite a bit of hand holding. We are in a foreign land, and I’m unable to trust myself, trust the kids and trust the society enough to let them go on their own to the public restrooms, buy their own drink from the stall next door, or even venture up to the hotel room while I wait at the lobby.

I thought about it. Am I being paranoid? After all, Nicole is already 8! That got me thinking more, so when can Nicole go to the restroom on her own when we travel overseas? Surely I can’t do this till she’s 18!! And what am I afraid of? Is it some stranger luring her away? Or drugging and kidnapping her? Or her getting lost, and forgetting how to come back to me?

I felt a little silly after a while. I mean the same thing can happen to me, a fully grown adult too! I can be lured away (I mean if the stranger says there’s some great sale round the corner!), I can be drugged and kidnapped, and it’s possible I can get lost too!

It is strange, ya? Being in a foreign place, heightens your sense of insecurity and creates a natural fear of the unknown. But am I the only parent like this? (I know my parents were just like me!! Hahahaha)

What is travelling like for your and your family?


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