Saturday Kids–Holiday Workshop (Interactive Christmas Cards)

The holidays are here! And we were invited to enrol Nicole for a short holiday workshop on computer programming! haha! Yes, a 7 year old learning some basics to computer programming by creating an Interactive Christmas Card.

Honestly, I can’t imagine my Nicole coming up with a digital card that moves and has music! (cos mummy has zero computing skills!) So we were quite keen to let her go for the course. They will work in pairs and express their ideas through their creative artwork/music.

The course is by Saturday Kids, a school that aims to teach children digital literacy. For this Holiday Workshop, the kids will use a programme called SCRATCH, designed by MIT Media Lab.

The details are below:



And here’s a good news for Mum’s the word readers! There’s a special 30% discount for you if you sign up using this SPECIAL DISCOUNT LINK. The discount is available from 18 Nov (Sun) to 20 Nov (Tues).

I can’t wait to see her interactive card! (I feel like telling her what my favourite carol is, so she can put that in the card!)


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