RedMart–Online Shopping Just Got Easier

The most therapeutic thing for me after a difficult day is grocery shopping. And coming a close second is stationery shopping. (yes, all shopping related, but very very therapeutic for me!) Shopping, in my opinion, is really a God created activity for all women! Grocery shopping adds the icing!

grocery [ˈgrəʊsərɪ] Food & other commodities sold by a grocer

I love pushing the trolley down the aisle, I love looking at new stuff. The experience of my mind running through the potential of each food or household item excites me each time. And the satisfaction I get from buying things that we need at home is gratifying.

Having said that, the euphoria kind of bursts when I leave the cashier. Suddenly, I’ve to think how to fit everything into the car. The detergent goes right below, the tomatoes have to be on top. The bags must be knotted or I may find a stray avocado in the car. And when I reach home, I’ve to think how to bring everything up to the apartment. If I’m alone (which is usually the case), I’ve to do a few rounds. Or I can dump everything into a basket and wheel it home. Then the problem repeats: The detergent goes right below, the tomatoes have to be on top.

Any one has this same bubble bursting experience?

So I was quite excited when I heard there’s a new online grocer in town: RedMart. The most important feature to have is: Is it therapeutic to shop at RedMart?  I’m not keen to do online shopping if it’s just that. I need that same experience of looking at new staff, of checking out each item’s potential. Here’s how my experience went:

Redmart 11 edited

What a happy and bright layout! It’s uncluttered… I can imagine myself walking down the aisles here! If you look carefully, can you spot the following:

  • Different sections in the store
  • Earliest delivery time
  • Contact number to call
  • Link to SALE section

It’s really a very inviting place to shop in!

So I decided to go for the heavy-duty stuff: Detergent. I found something, put it in my cart, and then found something cheaper, and decided to remove the more expensive one. Super easy! Look:Redmart 22 edited

Just a quick click on my cart, and I could adjust the quantity, or do an immediate comparison, or remove anything I don’t want. And thereafter, shopping continues!

And remember the experience I told you I need to have? Here’s how the RedMart compensates the shopper for the lack of ability to touch the item: Redmart 33 edited

RedMart gives a short paragraph about the product, and it gives more than one photo of the product. Look at the layout, I really like the uncluttered look and very clear instructions!

I placed my order for a very varied cart of groceries. I bought: my favourite detergent, a bottle of Soy Sauce in a glass bottle, a sack of rice, toothpaste, kitchen paper etc. I can’t wait to see how they are packing these items!!

If you have bought these items from the regular supermarket before, you would know the challenge of remembering not to throw that bag with the glass bottle on the floor, and that there’s a high chance the kitchen paper package would lose its shape, and that toothpaste tube may not be a full tube when we reach home.

So, at check out, there’s no bubble bursting. Using either my credit card or PayPal account, the items go through. I get to add my special instructions on how I want the items delivered or if I require a phone call instead of a knock on the door. And the best part? I get to choose when I want the items delivered! Not just the regular 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm slots! Check it out! Redmart 44 edited

This is truly one of the smartest and customer friendly delivery systems around!

And here’s how the items came… all in very quick time too!!

RedMart delivery

How about all those glass bottles and fragile items? BubbleWrapped RedMart

Woah! I’m sold. I don’t have to venture to freezing cold 24 hours supermarkets for my grocery quick fix now. RedMart comes very close to the experience I need!

Good News for Mum’s the Word readers:

Get a 10% off from your first purchase at RedMart. Simply use this discount code at checkout: rm_mumword

Happy Shopping! I did!!

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