Girlfriends, Marriage & Kids

Nathan is in this phase recently swearing off girlfriends and marriage.

It is strange as he has had a *girlfriend* from school for the longest time. Meet DEBBIE… who is our colleague’s daughter, and his classmate in school They grew up together literally, since we started putting our babies in the office nursery. And… Debbie looks just like Nadine! Check it out!

N1, N2, Debbie

You can imagine our surprise when he started sprouting out “I don’t ever want to get married”, and he even quoted names of people he knew who aren’t married, in an attempt to support his cause.

Today, he shouted out an extra line: “AND I DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANY CHILDREN!

We didn’t have to probe much. The reason was, “If I have children, they will fight with me for my iPad, and I DON’T LIKE THAT!

So Mr. Government, if you want to have an effective campaign for more babies, do something about the iPads! I think the people have spoken!

N1 N2 N3



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