Celebrating Women–International Women Day 2014

It’s March! And one big day coming up is International Women’s Day! I never realised how big this day was until a friend told me that her mother in law (she’s in her late 60s) has a reunion with her friends every 8 March, as it’s a day to celebrate Women! Wow!!

A day to celebrate Women! hmmm… you need not say more, I want in!!! On this day, people around the world make a special conscious effort to recognise women’s equality and achievements. It’s a day to inspire change in mindsets that women can make a difference and impact lives.

I’m so excited to be a part of a very special International Women’s Day project with Missy Stella and Body Inc this March. There’s some really attractive goodies lined up for all of you this month! And if you are a woman, everything just screams out CELEBRATE YOU!!!

International's woman's Day copy copy

Missy Stella Co is an online shopping site which focuses on bringing out the star in every women. I’m a big fan because every item I’ve purchased so far from Missy Stella has excellent quality and looks really good. The fit always flatters and draws plenty compliments!

Body Inc is founded by Celebrity Health Coach Jacelyn Tay. It’s a one-stop place for integrated healthcare, weight management and wellness indulgence. Not long ago, I went Body Inc for their wellness programme. I was very pampered and loved every minute of it! The treatments were non-invasive, and they used natural products like Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aromatherapy. Now I can’t wait to go back for more! I will get advice on how to achieve health and beauty through holistic therapies and natural remedies. Now, that’s celebrating me for sure!!

Body Inc

You can have a go at this too! Here’s how to win a health coaching session with Jacelyn Tay, Celebrity Health Coach and founder of Body Inc. together with a session of Ion Detoxification and 1 bottle of Organic Detox Blend.

Starting now till 8 March 2014, Go to Missy Stella’s Facebook Page and share your experience about a woman who has impacted your life.  It’s easy!

Celebrate Woman Campaige

Meanwhile, look out for the other goodies that we’ve lined up for you. It’s truly about YOU this month!

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