A much cheaper (& better) alternative to GoPro

Some of the nicest pictures taken now are those taken when we are in motion, when there’s action and life. This is when we get that perfect moment of joy, or agony, or achievement or failure. Of course the wonderful DSLR can capture these moments, and even the trusty camera in our mobile phones can do the job. But to get that nice shot, the camera has to be very fast to capture the action, or the photographer has to be even faster to get the moment!

And so, we look at action cameras! These cameras are designed to capture action, they are small, light, inexpensive, and simple to operate. Because of this dynamic design, action cameras are usually designed to be wearable. You can wear it on any parts of your body (think head, wrist, arm etc), or on any thin (your pet, skateboard, helmet, bicycles…). And for ease of people in motion, Action Cameras are getting smaller as technology advances! The possibilities are endless now!

Now, everyone has heard of the GoPro. This is like the forerunner, the first made-it-big Action Camera in the market. However, it is pricey and has some sophisticated features which a regular user doesn’t need. Along the way, new alternatives came up and one of them is the Vidi Action Camera!


Here are the VIDI reasons why the ViDi is a great camera!


The ViDi Action Camera is tiny (67 x 40 x 30 mm) and light (57g), so you can easily put it into a pocket or bag! You can use it to take videos or still photos.

Since we had the ViDi, we used it like an expensive camera. We took videos of us in action (think lots of movement), videos of us celebrating a birthday, taekwondo performance and award ceremony. We also took pictures of get togethers, yummy dishes we  tried and family wefies! The camera is so light and so easy to bring around!


It has Fixed Focus lens, means you can quickly take a video or photo without worrying about it being in focus. Focus range is very close, so it’s easy to take any pictures!

Check out this picture I took when I walked out to the bus stop. All I did was stop walking, hold up camera and snap! I didn’t zoom, didn’t focus, just walk-stop-snap-go! It’s very clear right? (You can capture lovely shots when you are running, or when the subject is running!)

ViDi Action Camera


Another example when we climbed Mt Pinatubo in Manila. I was walking in front, husband has the camera swung around his wrist. Check out how steady the images are even as I walked!

And to show you more action, here’s one of some friends and the kids playing Water Bomb! Take note of the visual quality–very close to a regular video camera! You can see the water splash!

There is a 1.5 inch LCD screen which definitely helps to get a nice shots! This is quite rare, since Action cameras of this price range do not have LCD screens! One HUGE advantage of this screen is to see the pictures taken immediately, without having to go thru cable/WiFi/Bluetooth connection to the phone!


There are 5 different shooting modes for the ViDi:

  • Still Pictures
  • Timelapse Video
  • Loop-recording
  • Delay Timer

I’ve never done a Timelapse video… look at my handiwork… 30 min of the kids watching TV. It was easy, I could choose various timings to capture the moments. (0.5s, 1s, 3s, 5s, 10s)

Does not Sink

The camera is waterproof, it floats! The familiar GoPro cameras and the waterproof cases do not float when they drop in the water. However, ViDi’s waterproof cases are buoyant, so that you would never lose your camera in the water!


Intentional design

The ViDi comes with universal accessories, which are all industry standard. That is, you don’t need adaptors to use the ViDi with other camera accessories (think Tripod, Charger etc)


You can see that the ViDi camera is an amazing product! No wonder it’s called the People’s Action Camera! It’s so easy to use, and at the same time, captures the best moments in your experiences, and all at a very affordable S$179! (this is a fraction of a GoPro with the same features!)

Here are the other features of the ViDi Action Camera:

  • 1.5″ Rear Screen Display to frame the perfect shot
  • Full High Definition HD 1080P at 30 FPS
  • Ultra Wide-Angle Lens
  • Takes Videos and Still Images
  • Waterproof Case

What’s Included

  • ViDi Camera with LCD Screen
  • 4GB Micro SD Card
  • Transparent Waterproof Case
  • Extension Pole — for all your selfie stick needs.
  • USB Cable — charge up while you’re downloading videos.

The ViDi Action Camera is now retailing at major electronic stores like Challenger, Nubox, Courts. If you are considering an Action Camera to capture all those fun moments, go underwater for great shots or do a timelapse video, this is really worth considering! Have fun!


*Disclaimer: We were given a ViDi Camera for review purposes, and were not compensated in any monetary terms. And I genuinely like this camera, so all opinions are as usual my own! 

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