Monthly archives: August, 2016

High Street Cafe Shangri la Fort

ABCs of Shangri-La At the Fort, Manila

We were in Manila recently for a short getaway trip, and it was really a “we don’t know what to expect” trip as we didn’t have many friends who went Manila for a holiday! But it was one of the nicest place we’ve ever visited, and we fell in love with the Filipinos. They are…


You can be a domestic goddess too–with Diana Gale

As a mummy, I want my kids to have good home-cooked food as much as possible. We all know it’s because when it’s home-cooked, we get to decide what goes in the food. The amount of salt, sugar, seasoning, preservatives, blah blah blah… Now this was really easy when the kids were young. (think toddler)…

wake up hammer

Three Morning Wake-up Moments to Identify With

Every morning, our household reaches a valley of decisions. We all have our own logic and reasoning to our morning routines and I realised our kids have theirs too! It’s interesting, cos this is something I don’t remember discussing over, and definitely it wasn’t taught! The decision made at that critical minute when the alarm…