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self conscious

Are You As Self Conscious As Your Child?

Recently our car was sent in for repair works, and we were given a Replacement Car (or Courtesy Car) to use. When Edmund and I first saw it, we gulped. It was bright yellow, and was most interesting. Look! What I didn’t expect was the kids’ reactions! Nicole immediately went, “Oh no! So embarrassing!”, and…

G SandBank

3 Reasons why you must try SandBank’s Breakfast Buffet #Giveaway

The most important meal of the day is usually the most neglected meal. In our family, we only eat good breakfast when we are on a holiday or staycation (cos there’s a Breakfast Buffet at the hotel!). That’s when we get to order our favourite eggs, some fruits, and a whole lot of yummy English…

A Multiple Grip

Do Your Kids Need A Pencil Grip? My 11 year old does!

Do your kids hold their pens/pencils in a really strange way? Don’t get me wrong, the kids can still write neatly but the angle of the pen is wrong, or the fingers are sticking out weirdly, or the placement is just totally not normal. I mean I’ve seen adults who hold their pens differently from…